20 weird souvenirs from around the world [PICS]

20 weird souvenirs from around the world [PICS]

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Most travelers are guilty of picking up odd knick-knacks that seemed attractive at the time; I know I am. So we’ve rounded up some of the weirdest souvenirs out there for your viewing pleasure.


Weird Souvenirs

Seems innocent enough, right? According to photographer Nathal, "Dutch souvenirs with Denmark painted on them. Weird."


Weird Souvenirs

"Mr. Perfect...He says what you want to hear." Photo by UTAC New York Trip


Weird Souvenirs

One sad looking panda bear. Photo by jetalone


Weird Souvenirs

A Halloween costume idea from Hungary. Photo by m-louis


Weird Souvenirs

A weird hybrid camel-like tortoise...or is that a baby tortoise on its back? Either way, still an odd looking fellow. Photo by matsuyuki


Weird Souvenirs

Dripping boob-looking candy? Pastries? Photo by jetalone


Weird Souvenirs

According to photographer LunaMoth116, "The 'Eiffel Cower'! I guess...I mean, how else do you explain it?"


Weird Souvenirs

Based on the happy fish drawings on the packet, I’m guessing a not-so-happy fish product. Photo by htby


Weird Souvenirs

Photographer Nagyman picked up this keychain at a stationery store: a smoking baby, "complete with tarred lungs!"


Weird Souvenirs

Because you actually need both to complete the outfit. Photo by Adam Jones, PhD


Weird Souvenirs

"Admit it. You are totally jealous of my bottle kilt." Photo by Meggrs


Weird Souvenirs

A Mt. Fuji Jelly Bean. Isn’t that dangerous? Could easily slice open the roof of one's mouth. Photo by jetalone


Weird Souvenirs

Shop for dead cows along with Indian pottery and moccasins. Photo by Pocheco


Weird Souvenirs

Photographer ainudil didn't get it either.


Weird Souvenirs

Needs no explanation. Photo by markehr


Weird Souvenirs

Pirate bear finger puppet. Kind of cute actually. Photo by theogeo


Weird Souvenirs

Souvenir from Austria. Photo by Jay Cross


Weird Souvenirs

Dracula mugs from (you guessed it)...Romania. Photo by martijn.munneke


Weird Souvenirs

And how is Niagara Falls water different? Please advise. Photo by Paul Young


Weird Souvenirs

Some pissed off owls from Russia. Photo by hirotomo

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