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Tales from the Primal House: Stealth bungee jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge Interesting

Tales from the Primal House: Stealth bungee jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge

Primal housemate Quinner, later at Point North. Another day in the office.Editor’s Note:Please read part 1 of the story here.Jimbo celebrates his birthday by bungee jumping from the Golden Gate BridgeDec. 15, 1997 – Fly Fishing for Great Whites TAL FLETCHER BOUNCED around in the back of a van with twelve other guys all wearing black gear, camouflage, and face paint.

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Fighting deforestation in Copenhagen Collections

Fighting deforestation in Copenhagen

Photo of Dr. Jane Goodall by: JJ W.Famed primatologist, Jane Goodall, joins thousands of other participants at this year’s UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen.ONE OF THE LARGEST political conferences of the year, the UN Climate Change Conference draws various experts, political figures, media members, and other participants to discuss climate change and international efforts to combat it.

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Place vs destination Interesting

Place vs destination

Place is wherever you’re sitting, standing, lying down, wherever you are as you read this.Place is the totality of feelings you have for where you are right now.*Destination is how you imagined it would be before you got there.Destination is how you would describe it to other people.*Place has an inherent (if forgotten or unobserved) name and story.

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Matador’s summer 2012 playlist Information

Matador’s summer 2012 playlist

Anne Hoffman curates a soundtrack for your late summer.1. Leidi Li – “Mate a mi novio”This song contains one of my favorite lines of all time, “Estaba basta de tranquila” — “I’d had enough of being calm.” For all the girls in the barrio, Leidi Li croons, this one’s for you.The Bomba Estereo chanteuse has gone and killed her boyfriend, and for all those interested chicas out there, if you can speak Spanish, you can follow her foolproof recipe to poison, terminate, and successfully hide his body.

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The silence in County Mayo Miscellaneous

The silence in County Mayo

MatadorU student Jo Magpie talks with members of the Rossport Solidarity Camp in County Mayo, Ireland, who have been fighting one of the world’s biggest oil consortiums for the past 12 years.“YOU CAN HEAR THE SILENCE IN MAYO,” the woman driving the car tells me. I’m hitch-hiking up the South-West coast of Ireland.

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A pep talk on breaking free Miscellaneous

A pep talk on breaking free

A shot of motivation to become a writer, quit your job, start a business, and travel the world.FIRST, EVERYONE will tell you it’s impossible. That’s just part of the process. Ignore them. Almost anything is possible if you go about it the right way.When you’re sitting on your dormitory floor crying your eyes out because you can’t figure out whether it’s irresponsible to change your major to English or not, remember that.

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